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Really, really fun and good looking game! The level generation and highscore board keeps the game from becoming boring.

The graphics are very well done though sometimes it can be difficult to see upcoming objects.

The lack of audio was a little unimmersive, though I'm sure you probably ran out of time before you could make any. Turns out the audio is just really quiet :/


Thank's for playing and delighted that you like it...

Yes it is true that it lacks a few things, I had planned additional effects that I did not have time to add ..

- Text on borders after Xmeter run (super, cool, awesome) written in the same effect way as the boosts/protect on the map.
- It lacks visibility on distance traveled
- An effect when we lose a protect
- Multiple sound effects
- Different music

But since this is my first gamejam, I do not have the reflex to manage my time ...

I will do better next time :)

I'm really sorry, I just realised that there is audio it's just really quiet lol. Sorry about that...