This game was mad PAJGameJam2 by ath0nium

Plot/Story :

You go to bankruptcy and you are threatened by the banker
 who asks you to pay as fast as $ 1000 or he takes your farm ...

For this you will have to sell enough chicken to collect this amount
 but be careful without hens you do not have an egg to hatch ...

You will have to collect them quickly in order to send them to the incubator to transform into a chick.
 once this step do not forget to transfer them with others to make them grow ...

Developpement :

We had to be several at the start but I finally had to do the project alone. So I had to downgrade what I had imagined, including the fact of adding a random displacement of chickens that is not included ...

All mesh3D are made during Jam

Groovy Game Theme Loop.wav


Patch 1.1

I have not touched to all collision which are very capricious but which are part of the defaults of the game that we can have in a jam. 
The only modifications are to make adjustments value to make the game less difficult and and i have add a presentation scene to better understand the cycle.

- Extend TriggerBox BuyFood
- Extend TriggerBox BuyWater
- Add visual effect if Food Increase or Decrease
- Add visual effect if Water Increase or Decrease
- Move Sell Meshes
- Increase Amount Due 1000 to 1200$
- Decrease Food & Water chikens consumption 0.8 to 0.2
- Decrease Food & Water chiks consumption 0.2 to 0.1
- Chickens can't lay if they are caught
- Change Incubator light
- Add Scene Tutorial

It's a browser game so do not hesitate to try it :)

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belle prise de risque les graphisme en 3d , rien que ça sa mérite une bonne note , après , ces ptet que je suis une bille en englais mais j ai pas tout a fait compris le gameplay.

Le but est simple faire de l'argent en revendant des poules mais également trouver les bon équilibre car sans poules il n'y a plus d’œuf... En tout cas merci à toi d'avoir essayé ^^